The walnut tree is one of the oldest of it’s kind and has been known to mankind for more than 10,000 years BC. It’s origin is in Central Asia, but it has subsequently been spread further into Europe and America. The walnuts are a valuable food and medicine.

The ancient Greeks noticed the similarity of the kernel with the human brain and healers have considered them to be a "brain food." They prescribed walnuts for headache and for soothing sensitive heart. Modern medicine has discovered a number of evidence to support this hypothesis. Walnuts contain healthy essential oils, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber, which makes them a true super food.


Interesting Facts

Do you know that:

  • Walnuts contain essential the fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6. They help to improve memory and cognitive function of the brain and they also help to prevent depression.
  • Walnuts are anti-inflammatory and they support immunity and have anticarcinogenic properties. This is due to their content of 16 phenol antioxidants, vitamin E, and ellagic and gallic acids, protein and fiber.
  • Walnuts are able to regulate sleep. This is done with the help of melatonin, which is contained in these nuts, in a bioavailable form.
  • Walnuts are an excellent source of biotin or vitamin B7, which is considered good for the hair and nails and helps them grow stronger and healthier. Vitamin E, which is also contained in walnuts gives hair and nails healthy glow.
  • Eating nuts help the skin look younger and healthier thanks to powerful antioxidants and vitamin E.
  • People who eat nuts regularly, do not suffer from high blood pressure. Walnuts improve cholesterol levels of people with type 2 diabetes and help reduce levels of several molecules, which cause the development of atherosclerosis.
  • Studies made in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Israel indicate that 2-3 walnut servings a day reduce cholesterol levels sufficient and reduce the risk of coronary heart diseases.
  • Walnuts are recommended in various diets as they reduce the risk of weight gain. Eating 5-6 walnuts before meals reduces the level of hunger. As well walnuts provide vital nutrients to the body.

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