We are two partners that have been friends since we were kids. We realized a common dream, to work together and to create new walnut gardens as a main business in our lives.

We started from scratch and in the first year we rented existing gardens. Then we started buying agricultural land and planting new walnut trees. We bought a factory for processing walnut kernels and machines from France, Germany and Turkey.

Thus began our new adventure with walnut gardens and nuts. In the following years we expanded the activities, but unlike many others, we have focused on delivering quality, without compromises.

The demand for walnuts and kernels is getting bigger and bigger and we are convinced of the fact that the potential of this product is enormous in the future. We continue to invest in new walnut gardens and maintain the quality of our products invariably, since we want our customers to be satisfied.


Why Bulgarian Walnuts are better?



Free from Pesticides

Free from chemical treatments

Are very tasty!